Features of A-SMART® Wireless Auto-Locking Carts
Electronic Features include:
LCD keypad display (shows date, time of day, current battery life, and
programmable menu driven display system that prompts you to each additional command)
Integrated 802.11g wireless capabilities
5,000 user codes possible*
Supervisor code for all programming
User code for normal, daily use
Manual or automatic locking
Battery operated (6 “D” cell batteries)

Auto-lock features include: 
Programmable auto re-lock warning with the ability to extend the open time*- Set a time
interval to warn you that the cart is going to lock. When the warning happens, with a
simple press of a button, you can choose to keep the cart open
Time of day relock- Set the cart to lock at a specific time of day.
User specific relock- The cart can be set to a default auto-lock time. This setting allows a
specific user to set their own auto-lock time interval to differ from the default.
Ability to program actual clock at keypad
Ability to limit auto-lock programming to
Supervisor Code only*- Restrict users from manipulating the auto-lock settings.