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SSCOR DUET Suction Unit with Battery Backup
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SSCOR DUET Suction Unit with Battery Backup

$1,045.00 - $1,185.00

The Duet is perfect for hospital crash carts, patient transport, surgi-center backup, long term care facilities and more.

  • An AC suction unit with battery back-up, the Duet provides instant, powerful suction whether or not AC power is available.
  • Built-in charger maintains battery and will not overcharge. Keep it plugged in at all times for maximum battery health.
  • 3 year battery replacement policy for properly cared for devices!
  • When fully charged, the sealed lead acid battery provides 45 minutes +/- 10% of suctioning power, giving you the suction you need for emergency care procedures.
  • Battery condition indicator.
  • 1200cc Bemis canister included. 
  • Pump Airflow: Approximately 50 lpm.
  • Clinical Airflow: 30+ lpm (achieved at tip of patient tubing).
  • Size: 17"L x 9"H x 6"W; weighs 10.5 lbs.
  • Battery Type: Sealed lead acid.

Flat back unit sits conveniently on a cart or shelf.  Bracket back unit will attach to the side of the cart or to a wall saving valuable shelf and cart top space.

Available Accessories

Standard Panel For Cart-Mounted DUET

Pricing from $42.00

Premier Panel For Cart-Mounted DUET

Pricing from $55.00

Suction Unit Holder

Suction Unit Holder

Product No: ASU-1

Pricing from $135.00

SSCOR Transporter

SSCOR Transporter

Product No: AE-6977

The SSCOR® Transporter allows the DUET to hang on the side of virtually all hospital beds, gurneys, and cardiac walkers.

  • Heavy-duty 2" hooks
  • Keeps suction accessible but out of the way
  • Attaches to the device easily and quickly with three snaps
  • Easy to clean

Pricing from $75.00

SSCOR DuCanto Catheter™

SSCOR DuCanto Catheter™

Product No: 200 00002C

Amount Per Package: 50

Minimum order of 2 boxes.

A catheter designed for use during routine and emergency airway management. Uniquely suited for the SALAD technique.

The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter is a new catheter that is unlike traditional Yankauer suction tips that are designed for controlled surgical settings. The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter was developed with both routine and emergency airway management in mind. It has a larger internal diameter making it significantly less likely to clog and is shaped to fit the oropharyngeal anatomy. The hyper curved catheter is shaped more like a patient's airway making it easy to position the catheter and work with other complementary devices used to clear a patient's airway.

Additionally, the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter does not have a thumb port. By removing the vacuum control, the caregiver does not need to locate and keep their thumb correctly positioned over the thumb port to clear a patient’s airway and allows for continuous suction once connected to the suction source.

All of these features enable the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter to be used effectively in the SALAD technique.

The SALAD (Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination) technique calls for constant suction provided by a catheter in the upper airway, continuously removing vomit, blood and other materials, around which the practitioner intubates the patient
via either direct or video laryngoscopy. The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter is ideal for this procedure. 


Pricing from $111.50

UL 1310 Listed AC Fixed Voltage Charger

UL 1310 Listed AC Fixed Voltage Charger

Product No: AE-6996

Pricing from $71.00

Disposable Canister with Bacterial Filter and Shut-Off Valve

Disposable Canister with Bacterial Filter and Shut-Off Valve

Product No: AE-6974

Pricing from $4.60

Suction Tip

Suction Tip

Product No: AE-6995

Amount Per Package: 10

Pricing from $22.00